Microscope Explorer

I was walking around Go Play NW telling people what I was working on. Then they would say they were surprised they hadn’t heard of it and I had to respond “oh, that’s because I haven’t announced it yet.”

So let me fix that right now:

Microscope Explorer is a supplement that explores (ehh? get it?) different facets of Microscope. Seeds to get play started quickly? Check. Tools to hone your history? Check. Rules variants and other twists? Check.

It’s also going to include a few “spawn of Microscope” games, systems that use the principles of Microscope but are different enough that they really are whole new games. Union is the first and I love it already. Other spawn are still squirreled away in the lab, electrodes stuck to their metaphorical brains. They’ll be emerging soon, stompy monster-style.

I’ve been working on Explorer for a while, trying to decide exactly what I want to put in, what ratio of different ingredients will be the most useful to the people who actually play Microscope. I’m trying to give very honest insights into the game but also make it a tool that will take your Microscope sessions up to 11, as the kids say.

More details later. And if you’re wondering, no this is not the project sneak-previewed in the Kingdom kickstarter. That’s something else entirely.

    Ben Robbins | July 16th, 2014 | , | leave a comment