“Arrr why won’t my kids grow up faster?!?”

It’s always fantastic to chat with RpgGamerDad. After he invited me to talk about Microscope back in January I promised I’d come back when the Microscope Explorer was underway. So I did!

RpgGamerDad Podcast: Ep 43 – Sunny Seattle Special

RpgGamerDad also talked a bit about Microscope Explorer and his plans to run Microscope with his kids over at the Mad Adventurers Society. The whole RpgGamerFamily is also working on “RpgGamerKids”, a game for adults to game with kids. Seriously, if anyone is going to know how to do that right, it’s RpgGamerDad and family.

(Yes, there is only one day left on the Microscope Explorer kickstarter! The end is nigh!)

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