PAX: Talking ’bout GM-less Games

There is life after kickstarter! I’m chugging away getting the sneak previews of Microscope Explorer material ready for backers. I’ll be at PAX next week playing games at the indie RPG games-on-demand area and I may have some cool new Microscope tools in-hand.

I’ll also be giving a talk about the secrets of GM-less games, so if you want in, show up Friday morning and you can listen to me rant, rave and probably sip coffee:

GM-less Role-Playing Games

Good GMs are awesome, but you don’t need a Game Master to play an awesome game. Join game designer Ben Robbins and explore the world of GM-less RPGs like Fiasco and Microscope. Whether you’ve never played a GM-less game before or you’re already an expert, come learn what makes them tick and expand your gaming horizons.

Friday, 11 am
PAX Chicken Theatre (Convention Center, Level 6)

Check your local listings to confirm the time and place when the PAX schedule is released (update: it just went live).

“That dot is intrepid. Doesn’t even have hands, still slays dragons.”

With the frenzy of crowdfunding I’m not sure I ever linked to it, but I did an interview with Jade Gaming News a little while back.

The Spot Check: Ben Robbins and Microscope

We talk about Microscope, game design, and the best video game character *evar*.

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