“If you like role-playing games, you have to like people” (GMless RPGs, PAX 2015)

PAX GMless RPGs Talk

When I saw the slot for my talk about GMless RPGs at PAX, I was pretty skeptical whether anyone would be there. Friday morning, an hour after the doors opened? Would the crickets even show up?

I think the first few seconds of the audio should answer that question…

(or download the MP3 if you’d rather)

It’s hard to hear some of the questions from the audience, but you can usually get the gist from my answers. I also cut out a minute or two where I drew a diagram of a Shock conflict, because it totally does not translate to radio.

Given the mob of people from the talk who showed up at the indie RPG area demanding to play all the games — and all the great Microscope games I got to play as a result — I declare the talk a success!

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