A Decade of Ludi

It is essential that players like their characters. The character is the lens through which the player experiences everything in the game.

It is also essential but no so obvious that they have to like the other players’ characters as well.

An ideal party is not so much about balance as it is mutual appreciation. The members of an ideal party appreciate each others strengths and even their flaws.

Making the Party, November 29, 2005

Walking down memory lane! Ten years ago today I put up my first ars ludi post. I was GMing all the time back then, so the vast majority of my posts were about running games, preparing games, and all the weird syndromes that screw up games.

I post a lot less (here and everywhere else) because nowadays I channel my energy into finishing games. Insightful posts are great, but putting games in people’s hands that they can play over and over again is even better. Microscope is a perfect example: the work that went into it is paying off in people getting to play awesome games around the world, every single day.

    Ben Robbins | November 29th, 2015 | | leave a comment