ECCC: A fireside chat about GM-less games

If you’re going to Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, swing by Friday night and I’ll talk your ear off about the glories (and pitfalls) of that most magical and mythical of beasts, the role-playing game that has no GM!

GM-less Role-Playing Games

GMs have been an integral part of role-playing games since the beginning, but now there’s a whole wave of games that put the creative power in the hands of everyone at the table. No GM necessary! Join game designer Ben Robbins and explore the world of GM-less RPGs like Fiasco and Microscope. Whether you’ve never played a GM-less game before or you’re already an expert, come learn what makes them tick and expand your gaming horizons.

Friday April 08, 6:15-7:15 PM
Sheraton Metropolitan Ballroom A, Level 3

After that you can follow your feet down to the Indie RPG games on demand area and play all the awesome games we’ll talk about. Just like this talk, the gaming area will be in the Sheraton not the convention center. The site doesn’t list the specific location yet but it should be somewhere on the second floor.

Can you believe this will be the fifth year of indie RPGs at ECCC? Amazing but not surprising given the awesome start we got off to back in 2012.

I’m also looking forward to checking out the Embracing Non-Violence in Role-playing panel on Sunday, featuring several smart people from the local scene.

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