“I have never been so proud of her…”

I was on my way to make a surprise appearance on Strix’s Weekly Affirmations show on HyperRPG when it occurred to me that in the seven years I’ve been playing Microscope, I had never recorded a session I played. Ever.

So if you’ve been curious to see how I play and teach Microscope (with occasional pauses for mythical animal imitations) here it is:


For a quick game with a lot of chatting and general shenanigans, we made some really fantastic fiction, though I probably spent more time explaining the rules than I normally would.

Our history: winter is not coming. The seasons magically grind to halt and our world is stuck in perpetual autumn while the faerie courts feud and scheme. The game proper starts about 45 minutes in and around 1:30 we start the Death of the Sun Queen arc, which was glorious and bathed in feelz. How glorious? Check out the artist’s renderings Voidsmoker did while we played:


Thanks Strix, Alex, Marcus and everyone at HyperRPG. gg!

    Ben Robbins | July 5th, 2016 | , , , | show 2 comments