You don’t vote for kings!

I dropped four new quests on Team Follow: the Booty, the Candidate, the Colony and the Gods. If you are in the playtest and didn’t get the email, let me know so I can hook you up!

The Booty was actually the very first quest we played but it didn’t make the initial cut because in some ways it’s just a specialized subset of the Heist (i.e. pirates stealing loot). But is that such a bad thing? I think there are advantages to having a mix of quests that are loaded with specific material and those that aren’t. That lets the players choose how much detail they want the quest to provide. Sure we could play a pirate quest with the Heist, but if we pick the Booty it is loaded with more distinctly pirate-y goodness to get us in the groove.

The other new quests explore more of the potential range of Follow. Quests don’t have to be just action and pew-pew-pew: the Cure and the Music already showed that, but now you can build a new society or rig an election (or y’know, play it straight). We played the Candidate the other night and got our Trump-analog elected. So sorry, folks. We also played the Colony at Go Play NW last week and… wow. But more about that later.

Oh and the Gods? Yes, you are the gods. Your quest? Make mortals worship you. And hey, if you have to flood the world a few times and create new civilizations from scratch, so be it…

    Ben Robbins | July 18th, 2016 | | show 2 comments