The Dragon: the Sacred Flame (Follow at Go Play NW, part 2)

On Sunday a bunch of the Go Play NW staff retreated to an undisclosed location to end the con with some gaming glee. True fact: con organizers are often too exhausted making fun for others to enjoy themselves and play all the games. It’s a crime but there it is. So when Brandon suggested we save that slot for a Follow staff team-up, I was all in.

We rounded up Tony, Phil and Doug to join us. Our quest? Good old fashioned dragon-slaying.

In our dragon-torn world, priests and wizards had a complex relationship, and so did the wizard and priestess brother and sister in our fellowship. Less ordinary sibling rivalry and more “you shall burn in the eternal fire to purge the taint from my Goddess!” Family!

We also had a Chosen One, “destined” to slay the dragon, but wonderfully he was a minor character who was not even slightly ready to fulfill his destiny (“you never said it would be this big!!!”). My guilt-ridden main character died in the first scene thanks to Consequences (and the bold heroism of Sir Danor. Thanks buddy!). Which was actually pretty great, because I had a really fun time continuing as my minor character, the hulking hierodule of Phil’s priestess.

Outcome? Victory! We lost about half the party (including some, uh, internal strife. And paid assassinations) but we slew the beast and transformed the priesthood forever.

Suck it, wizards!

    Ben Robbins | August 14th, 2016 | , , | leave a comment