Microscope Oracle: Capes & Justice

“fall of league of supervillains creates world war”
“outlawing of experimental drug unleashes social inequality”
“rise of psi talents unites terrorists”

The special bonus superhero Oracle from the Microscope Explorer kickstarter is ready to go! You can use the PDF and roll the dice or use the oracle online.

Superhero Oracle

There a lot of societal issues, justice and world politics in the mix rather than just four-color rock’em sock’em, but that’s just my personal preferences showing through. And also because when you summarize a whole history, it’s trends like that which shine through, even if there are a lot of death-rays and kill-bots along the way.

As always, with 46,000 possible combinations per oracle, some results are going to be weird or outright nonsense. If you don’t like what you get, just roll again or tweak it however you want.

Now go punch injustice in the face.

    Ben Robbins | September 11th, 2016 | , | leave a comment