Follow Early Access

If you backed Follow, today is your lucky day, because the early access release is ready for you to download and play it.

My original plan was to just do some minor cleanup on the latest playtest draft so that backers could start tackling quests as soon as possible, but once I started digging into the text the design-fire overcame me. I did a lot of cleaning, streamlining and clarification to make everything flow even better.

There are twelve quests, including three brand new ones: the Siege, the Show and the Raid. I’m working on a bunch more, but I didn’t want to hold up play while I finished them, so they’ll drop later. Quests also got a major format revision, and sample wants and needs are now included in every quest to make it easier to quickly come up characters that fit the setting.

I’m very pleased with how it turned out and I’m looking forward to people taking it for a spin and playing some games.

As a side note, it turns out I was also grossly understating the number of playtesters: when I said over a 100 people, I really should have said over 200 people. Over 200 awesome playtesters, putting Follow through its paces and making it the game it is… Thanks everybody!

    Ben Robbins | December 5th, 2016 | | show 2 comments