Emerald City Comicon: A Full House of Story Games


There is a secret trick to organizing a great con: great people. Great facilitators who step up and make people welcome and bring the awesome to the table.

Then add to that: more great people. Great attendees. Soooo many fantastic people who wanted to come out and try these games.

We had five tables for Story Games, but in the very definition of “above and beyond the call of duty” we foraged for space and ran overflow games shift after shift. And even then, we still had to turn a bunch of people away when all our games were full. I wept that they didn’t get to play, yet huge demand is, as they say, a good problem to have.

Top three games were Fiasco, Follow and Downfall. After that it was a five-way tie. A grand total of 18 different systems, 49 game sessions, and countless thrilled gamers. (Okay, not really countless. We counted them. There were a lot.)

Special thanks to Eric Portney and all the other ECCC volunteers who put on such a great con. And mad props to the tireless facilitators who made the Story Games area happen. Ace, Alex, Andy, Ashley, Caroline, Corinne, Drew, ET, Grey Pawn, Heather, Joe, Justin, Kevin, Marc, Max, Miles, Nick and Ross — I was proud to work with such a stellar team.

    Ben Robbins | March 13th, 2017 | , | leave a comment