Kingdom: Return of Time Passes

I’m experimenting with a new way to do Time Passes in Kingdom. I removed it for one-shot games in the latest revision, but you can use this new rule in both one-shot and multi-session games:


When it’s your turn to make a Crossroad, you can instead say that Time Passes. Immediately play out the “Resolve Time Passes” steps, then go back to normal play, which means someone else is now introducing a Crossroad.

Picking Time Passes counts as a player’s Crossroad, so they can’t make a Crossroad until everyone else has, as normal. And you can’t pick Time Passes to replace the first Crossroad of the game. Time Passes doesn’t have a card on the table or checkboxes because it happens as soon as the player calls for it.

My first instinct was also to say that no one could make Time Pass twice in a row (without a Crossroad in-between) but on second thought that could be awesome. Want to do four Time Passes in a row and just keep launching your Kingdom into the unknown future? Knock yourself out.

Time Passes could now also make a great epilogue mechanic. If you survive a Crossroad but want to go a little further to see how things turn out, just pick Time Passes and end your game with that.

    Ben Robbins | September 2nd, 2017 | , | show 2 comments