Real Dinosaurs Are Bitey

A Jurassic Park-style Kingdom, spawning dinosaurs and showing them off to tourists: what could go wrong?!? We had a petting zoo, dammit. A petting zoo.

We were so close to saving the park. So close. But even though we turned a moral corner and decided to start fresh with *natural* dinosaurs instead of the genetically altered monstrosities we’d created (behaviorally programmed to never harm humans), we could not change gears fast enough to save the park. Because natural dinosaurs are bitey. Very bitey. Cue Crisis.

We had a great cast of characters:

Dr. Whitney Metzger (Marc), who loved genetic manipulation more than dinosaurs, but had forgotten how much she had simply loved science as a young girl.

Bethany McCully (Al), awkward intern and spunky fan-girl with hidden potential. The meek shall inherit the earth, or at least all the dinosaurs!

Chaz Winderbilt (Caroline), spoiler rich kid and lackadaisical lech, who might come out of the jungle a whole new man… or jet back to New York and abandon us.

True confessions: I broke one of my cardinal rules of role-playing and spent the whole game doing an accent. I know I should feel shame, but there was no other way to honestly portray Jack Lachland, legendary adventurer, celebrity naturalist, and Aussie.




This was also a first playtest of some new prediction rules, which I think are going in the right direction.

Thanks to Marc, Caroline and Al for an amazing day in Cretaceous Kingdom!

    Ben Robbins | February 12th, 2018 | , | leave a comment