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Follow Neue Questen

German-speaking Follow players, today is your lucky day. Plotbunny Games, who did the translation of Follow, have released a bunch of brand new quests. Are these destined to be released in English too? I have it on good authority that they just might. And if that is something you’d like to see, let Plotbunny know […]

Ben Robbins | March 5th, 2024 | ,

“Was ist eure nächste Queste?”

Plotbunny has translated Follow into German and the crowdfunding launch is underway right now! Andrea Rick is managing the project, and I’ve been very impressed with her attention to detail and her desire to make sure the translation captures the experience of the original game. It’s nearly half-funded, so if you’re a German-speaker who wants […]

Ben Robbins | October 8th, 2023 | ,

Follow In German

Want to play Follow with your German-speaking friends? The good news is a translation is in the works, courtesy of Plotbunny Games. Nächstes Crowdfunding: Follow von Ben Robbins! Work on the translation has already been underway and there’s going to be a crowdfunding campaign, so if you’re interested keep an eye on their website!

Ben Robbins | September 2nd, 2023 | ,

Microscope In Spanish

El Refugio de Ryhope is bringing Microscope to Spanish speakers world-wide! They did a great job with Follow, and it’s always exciting to see Microscope unleashed on a whole new community.

Ben Robbins | March 7th, 2023 | , | 1 comment

Follow Invades Spain

Did you know Follow was popular in Spain? I did not! El Refugio is absolutely knocking it out of the park promoting their new Spanish translation of Follow. As an added bonus, I give you the most adorable animated intro to Follow I’ve ever seen: I don’t even know what the narrator is saying and […]

Ben Robbins | February 21st, 2021 | , | 1 comment

Microscope Comes to Japan

Microscope has arrived in Japan! You can get the PDF right now. The print edition will follow later, thanks to Harrow Hill, my Japanese publishers!

Ben Robbins | February 13th, 2021 | , | 1 comment

What’s the Korean word for Microscope?

Want a Korean translation of Microscope? This is your lucky day, because it is crowdfunding right now. Both Microscope and Microscope Explorer, actually. The funding goal has already been reached, so congratulations to Yiyagi wa Nori (“Story and Game”), my Korean publishers!

Ben Robbins | September 26th, 2020 | , ,