Braunstein I - The World's first RPG (sort of)
                   Player Info Handouts used at Gencon08
                    Copyright (C) 2008  David A. Wesely

Student A

   Yuu are a highly patriotic and loyal subject of your king and country
   (Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia).  You have been dismayed to find that
   the dangerous ideas of the French revolution are widely repeated by the 
   students and faculty of the University.  The Chancellor and the Mayor
   both refuse to listen to your warnings about the NBB, a radical pro-French
   student movement.  Only the Landwehr major seems to hate revolutionaries 
   as much as you do, but he is lazy and inept, and does not treat you with 
   respect.  You have gathered a band of students who will stand with you 
   against the NBB; when asked what you call yourselves you will say "We are 
   Prussians.  Our honor needs no other name."  And as leader of the fencing 
   team, you can (and have) defended your honor on the dueling ground many 

   Recent events:
   Last night you were insulted by Student B, the head of the pro-French NBB.
   When you challenged him to a duel, he replied "I accept: Beer steins at 
   two paces!" and emptied his beer on your head!  Your friends stepped in,
   the fight spread, and the Landwehr arrested everyone.  You start in jail,
   with many of your fellow students.   The Landwehr took away your sword.

   Your objectives;
   1) Get you and your friends out of jail.
   2) Have as many of the NBB students kept in jail/hanged/shot as possible
   3) Force student B to fight a proper duel with you (and Defeat him)
   4) Save Braunstein from the French Army, which is rumored to be approaching

Student B

   Yuu are the son of the Baron of Braunstein, who sent you to the University 
   "to get book-learnin' and a duelin' scar".  At the University you have
   learned that your country, the Kingdom of Prussia, is a repressive tyranny 
   and your father is a minor and unthinking link in the chains that bind the
   people: But the day is coming when the people pf Prussia will follow the 
   example of the French and overthrow their masters!  You have assumed the 
   leadership of the NBB (Napoleone Buonaparte Bund, named for the French
   revolutionary general) a student organization that plans for that day.
   The NBB is ready when the moment comes to cover the town with posters and 
   grafitti urging the masses to revolt!  You proudly procalim your disdain
   for the old order by wearing the long hair and revolutionary clothing of
   your French idols, Marat and Carnot.

   Your view of other player characters:
   The University Chancellor, Mayor, Landwehr commander and other leaders
   of Braunstein are, like your father the Baron, all witting or unwitting
   agents of repression, though most can be bribed to look the other way.
   Only the Banker seems to take you seriously, but that may only be because 
   of the hefty allowance you father provides you through his bank.  
   Aside from your friends in the NBB, the other students in the University 
   are divided between the forces of Repression (like Student A) who your
   group refers to as the 'Dogs' and the forces of stupidy, who your group
   refers to as the 'Sheep'.  Of course, "while watching out for dogs, one 
   must try to lead, or even awaken, the sheep".

   Recent events;
   Rumors are circulatingt the French will be at war with Prussia very soon.
   Last night you were set upon by Student A and his 'dogs' in a tavern in
   the town; then the Landwehr arrived (obviously not a coincidence) and you
   were dragged off to jail.  You are, of course unarmed, but you still have 
   your money, and a beer stein, though you have lost your red liberty cap.

   Your objectives;
   1) Get you and your friends out of jail.
   2) Have Student A and his 'dogs' kept in jail/punished for attacking you
   3) Recruit more students into the NBB
   4) Welcome the French when they liberate Braunstein

Student C

   You are not a student.  You are ACTUALLY a Captain of French Cavalry
   and technically a SPY.  The veteran of many battles, a master horseman
   and swordsman, victorious in countless duels, your handsome face is 
   only slightly scarred and your long moustache and sidelocks proclaim 
   to all who see you that you are that epitome of martial prowess at 
   whose feet the women, not merely of France, but of all Europe would 
   throw themselves gladly, an HUSSAR!

   Recent events;
   Your Regiment was sent ahead of the invading French Army of the Rhine to 
   see if the bridge at Braunstein can be captured intact.   Last night, your 
   squadron camped just off the map at B.  Being fluent in German (from an
   earlier campaign in Austria) you rode ahead and slipped into town in 
   disguise, to scout out the defenses before making a surprise attack at 
   dawn.  You found the town virtually unguarded, only a few local Landwehr 
   (militia) loafing about in the central square, and a lone sentry at each 
   of the city gates.  Unfortunately for your plans, you were caught up in a 
   student riot that broke out in the tavern where you stopped for a drink.
   Alarm bells were rung, more Landwehr appeared in force and arrested 
   everyone.  You are now in jail, with all the other "students" arrested.
   You were a little worried that your distinctive haircut and moustache
   might give you away in daylight, but you see that several other students 
   have even more unusual hairstyles and exaggerated Revolutionary costumes.
   One of them seems to have lost the red liberty cap, which you have found.
   Your uniform, horse and sword are in the empty warehouse behind tavern2.

   Your objectives;
   1) Do not get shot as a spy (you are out of uniform, remember?)
   2) Get out of jail
   3) Get your horse and sword and uniform
   4) Get back to your unit with good intelligence about the town defenses
      in time to either help it capture the town or prevent it being wiped 
      out trying to take the town if it is impossible.

Student D

   You are a rather average student here at Braunstein University (commonly
   referred to as BSU or just 'BS').  You can "attend lectures on Philosophy,
   History, Mathemetics, Theology, Modern and Ancient Languages, Medicine and 
   Law, from some of the finest minds in Prussia.  But the best part of being 
   a student at BS is the opportunity to meet and intract with other students 
   from all over Europe.  For the University is a meeting place of minds, and
   the holder of a degree from Braunstein University is sure to be a man who
   is well grounded in knowledge and well rounded in experience" - according
   to the BSU student handbook.  And then there is Dueling (you have watched
   a lot of them) and gambling (learned lessons in die rolling) and drinking
   and drinking and other activities leading to a BS from BS or as they say 
   in the Math department "BS-squared".

   Recent events:
   While engaged in some interaction with other students in Tavern 2 last 
   night, Student A and his bullies started mixing it up with the crazies
   from the NBB.  You were just minding your own business when some townie
   poured beer on you, so you hit him with a chair, and the next thing you 
   know, some Landwehr goons are dragging everybody off to jail.
   You start in jail with no money and a hangover.

   Your objectives;
   1) Get out of jail
   2) Do not get thrown out of the University
   3) Get some other student punished for the riot, not you.
   4) Get a drink (it will make your head feel so much better)

E: The Chancellor of Braunstein University

   You have the happy task of leading one of the great universities of Europe
   As you say in the Student Handbook, students "attend lectures on Philosophy,
   History, Mathemetics, Theology, Modern and Ancient Languages, Medicine and 
   Law, from some of the finest minds in Prussia.  But the best part of being 
   a student at BS is the opportunity to meet and intract with other students 
   from all over Europe.  For the University is a meeting place of minds, and
   the holder of a degree from Braunstein University is sure to be a man who
   is well grounded in knowledge and well rounded in experience".
   Your high purpose is not always appreciated.  
   Some people, like Student A, see your devotion to academic freedom as 
   encouraging dangerous ideas and subversive movements in teh student body.
   Others, like Student B claim you are too autoritarian and restrictive; 
   he seems bent on breaking every rule of good behavior, and if he were 
   not the son of the Baron opf Braunstein, you would probably have sent 
   him packing alrady.  His father is coming to see you about him soon, and
   you do not look forward to the meeting.  Other students are better behaved
   and you hardly know their names, but you are sure that all are benfitting
   from their time at Braunstein University.

   Recent Events
   There was a disturbance in the town last night, the Landwehr was called 
   out, and as usual, the Major of the Landwehr seems to have arrested all 
   the students he could find.  The Mayor wants to see you, and doubtless 
   will claim it was the students who started the trouble, not the townies.
   The townspeople outnumber the students by 5 to 1, but somehow it is never
   the stronger side who start the fights.   You start up at the University 
   and can decide whether to go to see the mayor or tell him to come see you.
   Your objectives:
   1) Get your students out of jail
   2) Get the guilty parties (townspeople if possible) punished
   3) Avoid having the students banned from town
   4) Avoid having the faculty banned from town 
   5) Avoid having to pay any fines with University money

F: The Mayor

   Being the Mayor of Braunstein has its good side and its bad side.
   You are quite well paid, what with getting a cut of the tolls on 
   the bridge and the canal and a little something under the table 
   for one thing and another.  And it was easy to get elected, with
   the banker and the tavern owners backing you on election day.
   On the other hand, there are these constant annoyances.  There
   are these plans to fix up the city walls - you have a tax that
   supports it of course, but none of your predecessors saw a need 
   to really spend it on walls that could not possibly stand up to
   a modern siege gun anyhow, and none of you have ever just left 
   the money sit around doing nothing... but now you get a letter 
   saying that as War with France may start at any time, the walls 
   may be inspected in the near future.  Maybe you can squeeze a 
   loan out of the banker.
   And then there are the students.  They spend a lot of money in
   the taverns, and the University buys all its food and supplies 
   here too, so they are good for business.  But you have all this
   tension between the students and the townspeople.  There are a
   lot of really annoying students, a mix of snotty aristocrats 
   and dirty revolutionaries with stray hotheads thrown in.  But 
   a lot of the problems come from the townspeople, who respond 
   to the bad manners, vulgar display of wealth, and snobbery by 
   overcharging, bad service, or lifting wallets and even ganging 
   up on students that wander off into dark alleys.

   Order is hard to maintain, when the local Landwehr that are 
   supposed to uphold the law, are the brothers or cousins of the
   townspeople doing the crimes. And the leader of the Landwehr
   is the worst of the lot.  If he had his way, the students would
   be banned from the city and there would be no trade with University.
   Of course, the Chancellor is an old fool too, who can't control 
   the students.

   Recent Events:
   The Landwehr were called out last night, and you have summoned the 
   leader to your office to find out what happened.  The jail is packed 
   with students, and you fear that he has overreacted in dealing with
   a minor disturbance.  The University Chancellor wants to meet with 
   you "to discuss the events of last night".  The Banker and the two 
   tavern owners want to see you too.  It looks like a bad morning.

   Your objectives:
   1) Satisfy the Banker (you need that loan)
   2) Satisfy the tavern owners (you need those votes)
   3) Avoid having the faculty banned from town 
   4) Avoid having the students banned from town
   5) Get the guilty parties punished

G: The Landwehr Commander

   You are the Major commanding the Battalion of Prussian Landwehr raised in 
   Braunstein.  While you saw service in the Bavarian war 12 years ago, and 
   "have smelled the powder smoke" your men are local townspeople who have 
   only seen two years of training with the peacetime Army and then been sent 
   home to your unit.  They can march really well, and thanks to your holding
   frequent inspections, they look like first class soldiers.  You have very 
   little ammunition, so they only fire their weapons (and get them dirty)
   on the King's Birthday salute.  They have three missions
   1) In war, they will be called up to join the main Army or defend Braunstein.
   2) In peacetime, some of them provide the constables and night watch that 
      maintain law and order in Braunstein and guard the jail; the rest are 
      local farmers or ordinary townspeople, shopkeepers, craftsmen and so on, 
      who drill in the city square every Sunday afternoon.
   3) In the event of an emergency, like a fire, you can call out some or all
      of them for service by ringing different signals with the church bells.
      One company of the eight in the battalion is on standby for this duty 
      every night, in rotation.
   Your insistance on hard training and night alerts has made you unpopular 
   with the men, you know that they will save lives it in the next war.
   You are quite popular with the Banker and other property owners, having 
   stopped several fires from getting out of hand. in the year you have 
   been in command.
   The faculty and students of the University greatly dislike you, and the
   feeling is mutual; the students are a mix of snotty aristocrats and dirty 
   revolutionaries, with drunken troublemakers thrown in.  You and your men
   agree on this: It would be best for law and order, if all students were
   banned from the town and any student caught sneaking in was given a good
   beating, thrown in the river and told to swim home.
   Unfortunately, the Mayor and Tavern owners, do not agree with you, and
   will not let you keep the students out.  They make a lot of money off 
   the students, and when there is trouble, they expect you to sort it out.  
   However, popularity is unimportant, as you are appointed by the Army and 
   as long as you do your duty and follow orders you have nothing to fear.

   Recent Events:
   Last night the students started a riot in Tavern 2.  Your sergeant quickly
   rang the bells for the company on alert, and when they had mustered in the 
   square, you led them in to break up the riot, and then sent them on a sweep
   through the town to round up as many of the student scum as you could catch
   Many of them seem to have headed over to Tavern 1, where your men rounded
   them up, but not without quite a struggle.  After successfully dealing with 
   the students, your boys celebrated the victory in both taverns, consuming
   a lot of free beer.  At dawn you held a formation so the taverns could 
   close, gave a stirring speech and dismissed your badly hung-over men for 
   the day, except for the few now on duty at the jail and the usual sentries.
   The jail is now packed with students and you expect the Mayor will make an 
   example of them, or at least of their leaders.  You note with satisfaction
   that several of the most outrageously-dressed radical students, notably 
   Student B (who you have had your eye on) are among them.
   The Mayor wants a report on last night, and has summoned you to his office:
   you will start there.  It looks like a great morning.
   Your objectives:
   1) Get the students punished: Notably Student B
   2) Get some reward for your men: a nice speech by the mayor, maybe money
   3) Get all students banned from town from now on

H: The Jaeger Commander

   You are the Colonel of the 1st Prussian Jaeger Battalion, one of the most 
   elite units of the Prussian Army.  Your men are all volunteers, recruited 
   from the sons of gamekeepers on the estates of Prussian nobles; several
   are from your estate.  You are all crack shots, and are armed with the 
   world's finest military rifles, at a time when almost all soldiers are 
   armed only with smoothbore muskets.  Unlike other units of the Prussian 
   Army, where discipline is enforced with the lash, any Jaeger who breaks 
   your strict rules is simply transferred out to another unit. The Jaegers 
   are used for special missions that require discpline, skill, stealth and 
   woodcraft. like putting down bandits in peacetime, or operating behind
   the enemy army in wartime.  You are unswervingly loyal to his Prussian
   Majesty, Wilhelm IV, and zealous in serving him.

   Recent Events:
   France has declared war against Prussia, in its usual way, by starting
   an invasion.  Your Jagers have been dispatched to Braunstein, where a
   key bridge over the Braunwasser River is located, with orders to prevent
   the French from crossing there, or at least to delay them until you can
   be reinforced by enough regular Prussian troops to stop them.  The town 
   is reported to have a local Landwehr battalion that is well above average
   (for Landwehr, which is not saying much) led by an experienced and hard
   driving Major.  The town also has old city walls that probably would not
   last long in a modern siege, but might serve against a raiding force with 
   no heavy artillery.  The north end of the bridge across the river is 
   dominated by the walls of Braunstein University, a medieval castle that 
   held out for six months of siege in the THirty Years war - 150 years ago.

   Your battalion has made a long march, and stopped for a short break in a 
   woods just off the map at A.  You have ridden on ahead to meet with the 
   local leaders and direct the defense.  You will start just crossing the 
   bridge, which is a very sturdy structure, and has a small guard tower 
   and gate at the south end where it crosses the canal before entering the 
   town.  The sentry at the gate fails to salute you, you see he is asleep
   on his feet.

   Your objectives:
   1) ABSOLUTELY: Keep the French south of the river
      Damage to the University is unimportant.
   2) NICE TO HAVE: Keep the French out of the town if you can
      Damage to the town is unimportant.
   3) Do not take excessive casualties: 
      Your men are very hard to replace.
   4) Kill a lot of Frenchmen (while avoiding number 3)

I: Tavern Owner

   You are the owner of tavern 2, and do a lot of business with the students 
   and faculty of Braunstein University.  They can be a real pain sometimes, 
   but they have more money to spend than the townspeople, so you put up with
   them.  The Mayor has done a good job of keeping business good and taxes
   down, so you give out free drinks to his supporters in every election.
   The owner of Tavern 1 discourages students from using his place, so he
   gets most of the local business, which suits you both fine.  The Banker
   is not one of your customers, but the University Chancellor and faculty
   and the Mayor will often drop in for a few.  You also make money from 
   illegal gambling in the abandoned warehouse behind your tavern, but the
   fix is in with the Mayor and nobody is complaining, are they?

   Recent events:
   Your tavern is where the fighting between students started last night.  
   You suffered a lot of damage before the Landwehr came in and broke things 
   up - and a lot of damege while they did it too!  After the students were 
   hauled away, you gave out free drinks to all the Landwehr guys and this 
   party got a little wild too, until the Landwehr Major called all his men 
   outside for a good talking to.  You figure you lost about 1000 marks in 
   damage and beer not paid for last night, and want someone to pay for it.
   You have gone to see the Mayor.

   Your objectives:
   1) Avoid having the students banned from town
   2) Avoid having the faculty banned from town 
   3) Get 1000 marks for your damage (or more if you can)
   4) Get along with the Mayor 
   5) Get along with the Landwehr Major

J: Banker

   You are the biggest banker in Braunstein.  All of the important people
   in the area (i.e, in the game) do their banking business with you, the 
   richest being the Baron of Braunstein, followed by the Mayor (who has 
   saved up a remarkable amount of money given his modest official salary)
   and then the owner of tavern 2 (something suspicious about his wealth, 
   too. He does so much better than the owner of tavern 1).  Student B has 
   an account which is supported by monthly transfers of 1000 Marks from 
   his father, the Baron of Braunstein, and is usually spent pretty soon,
   but you keep carrying him to the next month, as his dad is good for it.
   You have also been reporting this to his father, who has asked you to 
   keep an eye on the boy.  The Lahdwehr major has only a modest account, 
   which gets a small increase every month, and seems to be rather frugal,
   and so is the Chancellor of the University.  The University also does 
   its banking with you, and currently has about 250,000 marks on deposit.
   You are personally almost as rich as the Baron, but you are careful not 
   to let anyone know that.  Normally your bank assets would be held in the 
   form of paper drafts on other banks, but with runors of War in the air 
   you have been converting everything you can to gold and silver, so there 
   is presently about a ton of coins in your vault.  There is a secret tunnel
   from under your bank to the river that opens out under the surface.  Your 
   ancestors once saved the family fortune by hauling the gold out that way,
   and you fear that you may have to do the same.

   You have been a supporter of the current Mayor, who has been good for 
   business and is a big depositor.  You also owe a debt of gratitude to 
   the Landwehr Major, who prevented a fire in the house next door from 
   spreading into yours last winter, even though he is a thick-headed 
   martinet, who makes life miserable for your relatives in the Landwehr.
   You try to get along with all of your depositors, holding frequent 
   dinners and dances to whic they are invited.  You are the best dancer
   in the town, a patron of the local string quartet, and frquently will
   purchase paintings from student artists, for use as holiday gifts.
   Your last Christmas Ball was the talk of the district: Even the Baron

   Recent events:
   A carrier pigeon with a coded message from your banking representative 
   in Paris arrived this morning.  The French are invading and an army is
   supposed to be on its way to Braunstein.  Of course, you aren't supposed
   to get coded messages from Paris; people might misunderstand that, but
   they are so useful in business.
   Your objectives:
   1) Save your gold 
   2) Save your bank
   3) Stay on good terms with the Baron
   4) Stay on good terms with the Mayor
   5) Stay on good terms with the Landwehr Major

K: Tavern Owner

   You are the owner of tavern 1.  You do some business with the faculty of
   Braunstein University, but very little with the students.  While they 
   have more money to spend than the townspeople, they are often disruptive
   and you refuse put up with them.  This keeps most of them out, and that
   makes your tavern much more popular with the townspeople and the faculty.
   The owner of Tavern 2 encourages students to use his place, so he gets 
   most of the student business, which suits you both fine.  The Banker
   is one of your customers, and the Mayor will often drop in for a few.  
   The Mayor has done a good job of keeping business good and taxes down,
   so you give out free drinks to his supporters in every election.

   Recent events:
   Last night a few students came into your tavern, but they were behaving 
   themselves, so you left them alone.  After a while, there was some kind 
   of trouble out in the square; when you opened the door to see what was 
   going on, a squad of Landwehr burst in and started beating the students.  
   Some townspeople joined in, and the fight spread.  More Landwehr arrived,
   and while the students were dragged outside, the Landwehr demanded free 
   drinks (which you refused).  Things then got out of hand, as the Landwehr 
   helped themselves and started bereaking things.  You retreated upstairs 
   and the Landwehr partied until they were called outside for a formation
   just before dawn, when you barred the door behind them.  You estimate 
   that you lost about 800 marks in damage and beer not paid for last night, 
   and want someone to pay for it.  You have gone to see the Mayor.

   Your objectives:
   1) Avoid having the faculty banned from town 
   2) Get 800 marks for your damage (or more if you can)
   3) Get along with the Mayor 
   4) Get along with the Landwehr Major

L: The Baron of Braunstein

   You are the Baron of Braunstein, a title that gets you some farmland 
   and a country house and a hunting lodge, and an tidy income of about 
   50,000 per year, which lets you send your son to the University and 
   spend most of the year "huntin' and chasin' wimmin".  Your ancestors 
   granted independant charters to the Town of Braunstein and Braunstein
   University, so you have no real authority over them, but as a noble 
   you have a lot of social influence.  An invitation to one of your hunts
   or a ball at the estate will have them eating out of your hand.  Even
   the Banker, who is rich as Midas, will fawn all over you just for going
   to one of his parties.  Handy fellow the Banker: he's been keeping an
   eye on the boy (Student B) for you, and what he says is disturbing.
   Seems the lad has been getting in with the wrong crowd.  Time to go
   down there and have a word with the Chancellor, before he gets thrown 
   out.  Fool kid.  Young and reckless, just like you were.  Wonder if
   he's been in as many duels as I was at his age.  Ought to send him off
   to the Army, be good for him...  

   Recent Events (reduced cast)
   You have decided to go down to see the Chancellor about your boy
   (Student B).  You start at the University, trying to find him.

   Your objectives:
   1) Get your boy (Student B) out of trouble
   2) Others may arise during the game

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