Goody Patience of Salem

Ahhh, Salem! Good old terrible Salem!

I’m no stranger to the Salem Fiasco playset, but this time around we had sexism, racism, and assorted acts of bad parenting… honestly witchcraft was the least of our problems. The witches might have been the most level-headed folks in town. They certainly caused the least damage.

I love story games that dig into all the wrinkles of bad humanity, like how people can do terrible things and think what they’re doing is okay and makes perfect sense, because there are real people like that and damn if I don’t wish I understood it, so I explore it in the “safety” of role-playing games. The trick, when you’re dancing with the darkness, is making sure everyone at the table is on the same page and we can distinguish the players from the characters. If you can’t… kablooey and misery.

    Ben Robbins | November 7th, 2019 | | hide comments

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