Actual Play Roundup: You had me at Biolords

I’ve been so busy since Microscope came out that I’ve fallen behind on cheering about the lovely actual play reports. Let’s fix that, shall we?

I also have unofficial reports of an entire Microscope game featuring plants. No, not walking plants or anything like that. Just plants. Plants that will, eventually, achieve nuclear fission and shroud the world with nuclear winter. Yeah, I’m curious too.

    Ben Robbins | March 25th, 2011 | , , | hide comments
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  2. #6 Alex says:

    just wanted to direct you all towards mine solo Microscope game inspired by Risus Monkey’s adventure.
    So far, I have played two sessions, that took me through the first focus and first legacy.
    Session 1
    Session 2
    Hope you like it.

  3. #5 ben robbins says:

    @ 1nfinite zer0: I’m trying to get more info about the nuke & plants game, but so far it’s still shrouded in mystery. I’ve put out a twitter APB, so we’ll see if I hear anything back.

    I’ve been pretty surprised by the number of solo “thought experiment” Microscope games. Just wait until you play it with other people: the cruelty, oh the cruelty.

  4. #4 1nfinite zer0 says:

    Any updates on this quirky miraculous game of plants? As a plant biologist and gaming nerd, the prospect of such a game makes my ferns twitter with excitement… okay, metaphorically, they are not actually been moved by my psychic excitement, or even giddy vibrations… can’t a guy use hyperbole on the internet without having to over-explain the joke?

    Anyways, being silly aside, I also couldn’t find where you email you Mr Robbins, so I wish to inform you that I hacked Microscope a bit so that I could do a solo game to learn the rules. Turns out it is quite robust and the limits were only my creativity. (See blog linked for details)

  5. #3 ben robbins says:

    @d7: I should see some of those guys tomorrow at Gamma Ray Games, so I’ll see if I can get more details. Some people are notoriously shy about posting summaries of their awesome games online.

  6. #2 d7 says:

    Any news on the nuclear plants game? That sounds interesting.

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