Actual Play Roundup: Something Fractal in the State of Denmark

One of the marvelous things about the modern world is that when you publish a game electronically, people around the world can buy and download it instantly. Microscope games have popped up all over the globe, but now Denmark seems to be the latest nation to get the fractal history bug…

Definitely need more realistic alt-history. Good stuff.

    Ben Robbins | June 26th, 2012 | , , | hide comments
  1. #4 ben robbins says:

    I’m glad the translation isn’t completely off. That would be awkward ;)

  2. #3 Johs says:

    Google translate has become better but it’s still fun to read.

    My blogs name is not “Black Power” but something like Black Supply or Supply of Black(ness). It does not even make sense in Danish :D

    Thanks you for MicroScope. Love it!

  3. #2 Dl says:

    Is that second blog really named Black Power? Kinda ironic for a Danish blog.

  4. Must say that google translate has become better. My Danish blogpost makes a whole lot more sense now, than some other, earlier translations, that I have seen.

    We are a small community in Denmark enjoying story games of various types, however there oh so many games to play, so even though I bought the game back in October, I’ve haven’t had the opportunity to play it before now. I really like the idea of MicroScope, and that it allows us to play out the story on a grand scale (it kinda reminds me of the first series finale of the show babylon 5, where the episode covers events through thousands of years). In a sense MicroScope also becomes a tool to develop or explore settings with a huge back story and then use the created or explored setting for other campaigns. For instance I find it tempting to do with a game such as Fading Suns with it its thousands of years of events. In a sense that is what the other Danish group playing MicroScope is doing with their AGoT-inspired game.

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