Unleash the Scribes!

“Wanted: Hundreds of monks to manually transcribe copies of Microscope Explorer onto thin pages of vellum…”

What’s that? We’ve got machines for that now? Whew, that’ll save time. And monks.

Now that the PDF is done I’m working on test prints of the book. When those check out, bulk printing begins. Depending on turnaround times with the printer, books will probably ship in February, possibly early March.

If you spot any errors in the book or have other feedback, now’s the time to let me know so I can make corrections before we go to print. And if your friends have been bitterly weeping because they missed the Kickstarter, tell them to dry those tears because they can now buy the PDF too.

Game of the Month

Need even more Microscope goodness? I’m excited to say that Reddit has chosen Microscope as the Indie RPG of the month. There’s a question and answer thread for people who are curious about the game and for people who have tried it to share their experiences. Check it out!

As always, my sincere thanks to all of you for supporting Microscope and helping make Microscope Explorer a reality. In the book I talk about what a great experience it’s been seeing all sorts of people try Microscope and unleash their creativity, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, because players are what makes a game great.

    Ben Robbins | January 12th, 2016 | , | hide comments
  1. #4 ben robbins says:

    Confanity: You’re on a roll!

  2. #3 Confanity says:

    Only one more that I found:

    p108 – “Combine that with the Anchor characters and you are more likely to wind up with a tighter, personal story” – is missing “more” before “personal”?

  3. #2 ben robbins says:

    Thanks! If you see more, let me know.

  4. #1 Confanity says:

    A couple errors: I’m reading through the Explorer PDF in bits and pieces, in between other work, so there may be others I missed or haven’t gotten to yet, but here’s a little cluster that caught my attention.

    Bottom of page 74: “flesh out” and “fill in” have both been hyphenated. This may be on purpose, but it struck me as odd.

    Top of page 75: more dramatically, there’s a sentence that goes “…create so much new material that *the* what you created together *had* did not matter anymore.”

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