Why Did Your Game Suck?

Sometimes your game sucks. Despite the best laid plans, these things happen.

Sometimes you never want to run a game again. You wonder why you are wasting your time doing it. In that case it was probably the players that messed things up. Probably.

Sometimes you want to run another game as soon as possible. That’s because you messed up and you want to make up for it. You want to erase the memory of the last game and prove yourself by running another better game.

If you’re not sure what went wrong in a game, ask yourself: do you want to run another game, now, or never again?

[I leave it as a exercise for the reader to apply this theory to other interactive “performance” arts like teaching or possibly acting – replace game with class or show where appropriate]

    Ben Robbins | February 7th, 2006 | | show 4 comments