Mercenaries vs Terraformers

On a lark we sat down (virtually) to play some Microscope, and wound up making a “Day of the Triffids meets the Black Company meets Starship Troopers (the movie)” kind of history.

It was less about the aliens and more about the humans banding together to fight back… or not! Specifically the poor soldiers fighting a whole new kind of enemy… and sometimes getting thrown under the bus by their commanders.

The invasion starts quietly. No one notices when the bugs arrive and start terraforming remote patches of the Amazon and Romania into strange alien biomes. But as they slowly multiply and spread, the crazy rumors of “strange goings on in the wilderness” become undeniable fact, and more and more nations are drawn into a war for survival.

And we’re losing. Humanity is evicted from half of a transformed world before we finally start to turn the tide.

But even in the face of extinction, humans never change. In a huge victory, we liberate South America from the bugs… and then promptly squabble over what nation gets to take it over. Of course.

And yeah, we had planned to do a one-shot but now we are eager to go back and play some more. We used the Utgar’s Chronicles website, which was specifically built to play Microscope online, and I have to say it is a damn fine tool for the job. Easy and straightforward. I recommend it.

    Ben Robbins | September 23rd, 2021 | , | leave a comment