Games I want to play: Geiger Counter scenarios

There are just not enough hours in the day to play all the Geiger Counter games I want to try. I’m particularly interested in using the system in less obvious ways (not just another slasher/aliens movie). These are a few of the ideas we’ve got queued up, just waiting for a chance to play. Maybe you’ll beat us to it and try them first…

Fall of Troy — The protagonists are the heroes, kings, wives, etc. in the walled city weathering the Greek assault (the menace). Not literally Troy/the Iliad since that would encourage playing out the events as they happened, but a Troy-like situation. Characters are defenders not attackers because that works better as a menace — the attackers could always just decide to go home. Can the defenders defeat the invaders on the broad fields of battle or do the last survivors flee as their city burns? (kudos to Jem for this one)

Reverse Dungeon — What mysterious terror is marching into our dungeon and killing us poor monsters? Can kobolds, otyughs and ettins join forces and defend their lairs from the menace of the adventuring party? Talking monsters could veer towards the cartoonish, but if you envision the adventurers as a powerful yet mysterious enemy from the unknown outer world it could work. It’s obvious to think of the more powerful monsters as possible survivors, but maybe it’s the plucky wererat who survives, not the raging minotaur?

World War II — Straight Normandy Beach and pushing on to Berlin, losing guys as you go. Will the squad survive or get wiped out? If you want a twist make the whole thing a virtual prison: it’s World War II: the Matrix. Win the war or escape the illusion.

Necronomicon — The menace is an accursed book man was not meant to read. No monsters, just people going insane from reading it and possibly becoming dangerous themselves (in-game “dead” people may become expressions of the menace). More madness and unspeakable horror than shotguns & tentacles — slow-paced drama/mystery focusing on the human relationships.

Voyages of the Dauntless cross-over — Geiger Counter meets InSpectres in Spaaace! The game would actually be a flashback of events the Dauntless was investigating. What happened on this abandoned space station? Where’s the crew of this ghost ship? What happened to the survey team that went into the alien ruins? It would all get played out in Geiger Counter, with a brief narrative wrapper of the Dauntless crew finding the clues at the beginning and learning the outcome at the end. If the protagonists survive, we get to explain how they escaped and can be tracked down and rescued (or maybe this was decades ago and they’re dead from natural causes). If not, all we have are their final log entries to tell the tale…

    Ben Robbins | September 17th, 2008 | | show 3 comments