InSpace blasts off

Beyond man’s small blue world a vast cosmos awaits. What wonders of the universe are yet to be discovered? Is space more grand or terrible than we even imagine? Are we alone?

InSpace is out. You can download it from RPGNow or straight from the Lame Mage website. And yes, it’s free.

Thanks to Shock: by Joshua A.C. Newman for proving you can tackle big sci fi in small games, Geiger Counter by Jonathan Walton for showing our crew that shared authority can be fun, and of course to Jared A. Sorensen for making InSpectres in the first place and turning detective work on its head.

Kudos to the brave crew of the DAUNTLESS (Mike “Stark” Frost, Jem “Conrad” Lewis, Ching-Ping “Kessler” Lin, and Stephen “Duchamps” Scholz) and our other InSpectres gamers from the Third Eye Detectives, the Copernicus Agency, and the Gentlemen of the Royale Arms (Greg Gorden, Chris Haddad, Robert Haskell, and Kevin Lewis).

Now go explore. And if you make it back tell us how it goes.

    Ben Robbins | December 11th, 2008 | | show 5 comments