Microscope Paradox

When I explain microscope to someone or let them read the rules, the usual reaction is “ah, umm, okay” possibly with a polite “that’s looks interesting.”

But when we then sit down and play microscope, the usual reaction is “damn that was fun!” often with a side of “when can we play again?”

The conclusion is clear: I’m doing a bad job of describing microscope. The rules work and make a fun game, but you can’t see how until you play. Hardly a winning recipe.

So my new mission (in addition to playing microscope as much as possible) is to find a better way to explain the game. Of course two weeks ago I wasn’t even sure it was a viable game and now I think it rocks, so I can hardly complain.

    Ben Robbins | March 30th, 2009 | | show 4 comments