In This World

Police carry badges…
Dragons breathe fire…
Nations have borders…

In our world, things are a certain way. Sometimes ways we don’t even question.

But In This World — the world we make together — things can be different. We can see how the world would turn out if we examined our assumptions… and maybe turned some of them on their head.

And instead of just making one world, we’ll make several, freeing everyone at the table to explore a variety of possibilities without worrying that the world we’re making isn’t exactly the one they want.

I said in the previous post that In This World was a small game for big ideas, and that’s exactly right. It uses a simple procedure that gets you examining concepts and issues very quickly. The rules break the creative steps down into very digestible bites, letting you sneak up on big ideas instead of asking for invention out of the blue. It’s weirdly easy.

I imagine its strongest use is exploring real world concepts like money, privacy, or religion, but you can just as easily explore fictional ideas that we are all familiar with, like wizards or the Force. Want to make a D&D setting that isn’t like every other D&D setting? Fire up In This World and see what comes out.

UPDATE: Kickstarter prelaunch page is up! Click notify!

    Ben Robbins | November 1st, 2022 | | show 3 comments