Microscope Playtest Update #3

The Legacy changes are working well in play, so as promised, they’ve been sent out to the playtesting world. Go forth and be fruitful.

This should be the last rules update for this phase of playtesting. Tacking on separate page updates is nice because playtesters don’t have to re-read 30 pages to find the changes, but it starts to get cumbersome to keep track of what sections of the original rules are moot. I toyed around with releasing a “redacted” version of the original doc, but it just got ugly.

So barring really unexpected results, I’m wrapping up this stage of playtesting in the next few weeks. If you have more feedback, make sure to send or post it before the end of September.

    Ben Robbins | September 5th, 2009 | | show 2 comments