Pitter-patter of Game Storm

I went to Game Storm last week and it was simply lovely.

I’d never been before, so I had no idea what to expect. You’ve got your big rah-rah-rah cons (GenCon, Pax), you’ve got your “playing among friends” cons (Go Play NW, I’m looking at you). Game Storm hit a sweet spot. A medium-sized event, but the story game folks has a cozy corner all to themselves (the fantastic Indie Hurricane) so we got the best of both worlds. Mix in a bunch of awesome gamers and good times ensue. Play some games, chat with some cool cats, drift down to the hotel bar and have a beer, sit by the fireplace, then repeat. So pleasant.

There was also a lot of Microscope love in the air, which I simply cannot object to. There were at least three games, but I was only in one. Technically I was in another one to start with, but we got so many other people that wanted in that we had to throw down with some gaming mitosis and split into two games. I’m still burning to know how the “secret societies steer the galactic empire” history turned out after I left…

next up: Fabricated Realities

    Ben Robbins | April 8th, 2011 | | show 2 comments