“Is it… sentient?”

Saturday at Story Games Seattle, we were doing the meditative “hmm, what kind of history do we want to make…” when Connor threw out one word that made everyone at the table go “a ha!!!”:


It got us thinking about symbiosis and spawned a setting where two independent sentient species, one human and one very alien in body and mind, slowly become dependent upon each other and change until neither is quite what they were before. And the kicker? We decided at the start that at the very end of our history — a thousand years later, as it turns out — unchanged human star-farers rediscover this isolated world and are deeply disturbed by what they see…

Art by Naomi B

Tell me that oceanid does not look adorable!

Heavy duty cultural and societal stuff! Our history waded into deep water (ahem) of culture, communication and what it means to be human. Or what it means to be alien, depending on your point of view.

Go read Naomi’s game summary for more detail. Thanks to Jeff and Connor for great gaming, and Naomi for amazing facilitating (and awesome art)!

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