Emerald City Comicon: The Game Schedule

Coming to play story games at Emerald City Comicon, but looking for a particular game? Want to know when you can get a spot at the table to play it? Check it:

Emerald City Comicon Story Games

These are the games our volunteers will be offering to facilitate in each slot. Only some of these games will be played depending on which ones get selected first. So if there’s a game you really want to play, you should get there early to sign up for it. And all games subject to change, of course.

    Ben Robbins | February 27th, 2017 | , | hide comments
  1. #3 Miles Gaborit says:

    Hi David! Tall Pines is my surrealistic game about a murder mystery in a small town, a la Twin Peaks. It’s not publicly available at present, but will be launching on Kickstarter in the next month or so. If you’d like a heads up when that happens, send me an email at miles.a.gaborit at Gmail and I’ll notify you when the campaign goes live. Thanks for your interest!

  2. #2 Ben Robbins says:

    I’ll contact the authors and see what they’ve got!

  3. #1 David says:

    Nice selection! For those of us that can’t make ECCC this year and will be playing along at home, do you have links for “Mind of Margaret”, “Tall Pines” and “One and Many”?

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