“If it weren’t for those darn kids..!”

It’s the spooky season, so I’ve been taking a break from other projects to put together a fittingly Halloween quest for Follow: Escape the Haunted House!

They told us the old Harker Manor was haunted, but we didn’t listen. Now our flashlights are flickering, the floorboards are creaking and… what was that noise?!?? Probably just the wind. We’ll probably find a way out faster if we split up…

If I do it right the quest should work for actual scary ghost stories as well as Scooby Doo hijinks (“it was Old Man Withers in a rubber mask all along!”). Will you lose characters along the way? You will almost definitely lose characters along the way.

One of the interesting angles of a story like this is a fellowship that isn’t actually together. Maybe a bunch of the characters are teenagers who’ve snuck into the house on a dare, but elsewhere you could have paranormal investigators asking for directions to the estate while the sheriff warns them not to trespass. As the story unfolds all these characters are part of the fellowship and have a united goal of getting everyone out of the house… at least everyone who survives!

I hope to have it ready soon, so you can take it for a spin while the October chill is still in the air…

UPDATE: It’s ready

    Ben Robbins | October 19th, 2021 | | show 2 comments