A Place to Talk About GMless Games

I’m trying a little experiment.

Role-playing games with no GM are… let’s face it, a tiny weird niche in the tabletop RPG universe. So when you try to talk about GMless games in a forum that is 99.9% about games with a GM, it’s hard to generate any useful discussion density. Lots of people have zero idea what you’re talking about, or are concerned with the kind of things that only matter to GMed games.

We need a place to talk about GMless games specifically. So we made one:


It is brand new, hot of the presses, new car smell, the works. I will take time to get traction. I doubt a single person is in there yet. But that first single person could be you.

I don’t intend this as *my* forum for *my* games, but as a place for everyone who is into GMless games to talk about our weird and brave little hobby. I’m definitely looking forward to other people taking the reins as mods, etc. And yes, in a perfect world it would be a standalone site, not owned by some external corporation, but right now it feels like the best bet is to go where the people are.

Ideally it will become a really great place to ask questions about how to play and have fun with GMless games. A place to share what we know and make our games better.

Now get in there and say hi!

    Ben Robbins | July 2nd, 2023 | , , | show 3 comments