You got Kingdom in my D&D!

How do you introduce a big mysterious enclave of druids to your D&D players without a boring info dump? Well if you’re a bold experimenter, you have the whole group play a game of Kingdom to create the enclave, so the players already know all about it. Oh and maybe you have to do that with seven players, just to add another wild wrinkle.

How did it go?

In short, it was an incredible experience, met my needs, and is highly recommended. So long as I, as a GM, was able to give my players an untouched section of the lore for them to be free in I was able to achieve:

  • An epic, complex history that my players all understand out of experience rather than memorization.
  • A plethora of characters and events more diverse and complex than something I could have easily generated on my own, especially ones that break with traditional tropes and cliches
  • A series of meaningful explanation as to WHY that organization has its particular quirks and characteristics (now my players understand why the organization is paranoid about outsiders and humans without just seeming arbitrarily weird or racist, for example)
  • Best of all: my players had a great time, and really enjoyed themselves

There’s two posts, the first preparing for the game and the second reporting the results. There’s a lot more detail covering both the good and the bad, so I highly recommend a read.

And yeah, this is all in the new /r/gmless forum…

    Ben Robbins | July 12th, 2023 | , , , | leave a comment