Playtesting While the Kingdom Burns

After careful deliberation, painstaking revision, and piles of fantastic feedback from players around the globe, the new version of Kingdom is ready to come out and play.

Is it hot? Yes it’s hot. But it needs playtesters, playtesters to slake its savage fires and tame its molten heart. That could be you.

If you gave feedback in the last round you’ll get the new invite automatically, because you rule. If you’re someone who wasn’t in the earlier playtests but told me you wanted in, sit back and relax because I’ve got you on the list.

But wait, what about brand new folks? People who’ve never played Kingdom before? Never fear, you are very wanted. New eyes are vital. If you want in, leave a comment here with your address in the email field (which will remain hidden) or send an email to kingdom-playtest at Same caveats as always: I’m looking for people who will play the game, not readers. Only volunteer if you’ve got some people to game with and you plan on playing and giving feedback.

The rules will go out in the next few days. Probably Monday.

    Ben Robbins | October 5th, 2012 | | show 18 comments